Getting Started with Sedona XPRESSion Evaluator

About the XPRESSion Evaluator


The XPRESSion Evaluator gives the power of mathematical expressions to your users. Power that increases the value and flexibility of your software.

The XPRESSion Evaluator breaks the static barriers of the LabVIEW formula node. Rather than restricting formula definitions to design-time, the XPRESSion Evaluator allows your programs to analyze dynamic mathematical expressions. Expressions defined by your users at run-time.

Now users can define their own graphs and control equations at run-time. No diagrams or C-code is required. Imagine user-defined numeric plots, event definitions and control equations in your LabVIEW applications.

High Performance

With special compilation features, the XPRESSion Evaluator offers microsecond evaluation times. This ensures that your LabVIEW applications maintain their performance and responsiveness.

Units Calculation

Behind almost every variable in a LabVIEW program is a physical meaning. The XPRESSion Evaluator allows you to utilize these meanings with the units calculation feature. Each variable can be assigned a unit type (e.g. feet). As the variables are calculated, these units are evaluated. For example, and expression such as 10 kg * 20 m/sec2 becomes 200 Newtons.

Syntax Checking

We all know that users make mistakes. Handling these mistakes is half the battle of programming. The XPRESSion Evaluator not only determines the syntax error but also presents options to the user. This includes simple mistakes such as balanced parentheses as well as complex mistakes like recursive definitions.

User Extensible

While the XPRESSion Evaluator includes a robust library of resources, nothing is ever complete. The product allows developers and users to define new functions and units for specific needs and applications. Now, if you need to define a Weber or a lumen, no problem. Your software can now have complete understanding.

Ready-to Use Interfaces

To make your life easier, the XPRESSion Evaluator comes with several common interfaces for use in your programs. These include interfaces for editing expressions and managing user-defined resources like units and functions. With these interfaces, the product is ready for integration right out of the box.

Simple to Use

The XPRESSion Evaluator package includes complete documentation as well as several easy-to-use examples of the product in action.


The XPRESSion Evaluator is available immediately. Please contact Sedona Visual Controls today using