Sedona XPRESSion Evaluator Reference Guide


With the VIs described in this manual, you can develop sophisticated applications for use in process control, simulation, education, data acquisition, signal processing, and much more. The XPRESSion Evaluator package includes a set of high-level ready-to-use VIs for entering, manipulating, storing, and evaluating complex algebraic and logical expressions. Several demonstration VIs are included to illustrate how easily the XPRESSion Evaluator VIs may be integrated into any LabVIEW application.

The XPRESSion Evaluator consists of a set of API (Application Programming Interface) VIs which implement real-time algebraic arithmetic for arbitrarily complex expressions.

Documentation for each VI is included in its Get Info... box. In addition, Description boxes document each control and indicator. Use the LabVIEW Help window to see control and indicator descriptions.