Thank You!

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From all of us here at Sedona Visual Controls,
we would like to thank you for selecting our products.

Sedona Visual Controls is proud to introduce an exciting new product -- XPRESSion Evaluator v2.0 for LabVIEW 5.0! This suite of LabVIEW VI’s (entirely written in G) provides the same functionality as a LabVIEW formula node, but allows a user to "programmatically" re-define and re-evaluate, complex expressions without incurring a significant performance penalty. The XPRESSion Evaluator also supports user-defined units and the creation of user-defined functions.

With XE 2.0, you are now able to perform dynamic ARRAY calculations at runtime (a capability that LabVIEW's built-in formula node does not yet offer) and integrate your own custom VIs using LabVIEW 5.0 new VI Server capabilities.